Advice from CELS Students


“Get involved. Join a club that interests you.” – Suzanne
“Don’t be afraid to go to professors and advisors to ask questions! Everyone in CELS is very friendly and would like to help you.” – Renee
“I wish I had had more confidence in the school when I first applied, and had known the quality of the program. I wish I had worked harder in the earlier years, and had been more focused on classes.” – Dan L.
“Explore. Take classes in stuff you are interested in and also classes that you think are super hard. You learn a lot from the hardest classes and are actually more interesting. In other words, take risks!” – Amy G.
“Try and get off campus as much as you can, even to study. It is almost impossible to sit here and study.” – Nick
“Something I heard a lot during my freshman year but didn’t take to heart, until later… get involved! Try to meet your professors and learn about any projects they are working on. Maybe you can help out! But, have fun! Most of all I learned that your professors love when you have fun!” – Beth
“Make sure you talk to your advisors and take enough classes to graduate on time. Make sure to get involved with campus life outside of just sports.” – Erica
“Start getting experience in your field as soon as you can, because you will be graduating a lot sooner than you think! And remember that you can always take really impossible classes at CCRI.” – Debbie
“Enjoy every minute at URI! The academics, learning, friendships, weekends, and hard work all combined to create an amazing experience that you will carry with you forever. Don’t worry if you are undecided on a major; things will work for the best as long as you work hard and stay focused.” – Scott
“Don’t get tunneled in what you want to do. Keep your options open. If you don’t like what you are doing, change. This is your chance to figure what you want to do.” – Dan B.
“Try to have a good time while still succeeding at keeping your grades decent. For dietetics majors who need to get into an internship after their schooling, I would recommend getting experience through jobs/volunteering in the nutrition field as soon as you can. Hang onto all of your papers and projects because you might need them in the future. Make your experience more fulfilling by participating in clubs and activities. Ask LOTS of questions if you need to- that’s why your professors and University staff are there.” – Heather
“The best advice that I can give is to get involved early. I really wasn’t involved much in on-campus life until I was a junior. Working on-campus and being in an on-campus organization has been so helpful. You learn the campus so much better and meet so many more people.” – Amy C.
“Simple, you should get off campus as much as you possibly can. Most of the best things about URI are all “down the line”. A beautiful shoreline, occasionally good surf, plenty of college kids with beachfront houses and a couple fun bars, all make the URI experience a real good time if you just get out of the dorms. A car is helpful but you can always make friends with kids who already have one.” – Adam Z.
“Get involved in as many activities as possible as a freshman, create sincere bonds with faculty by talking to them after class and be on a constant quest to discover your passions and interests, especially by relating course materials to events outside the classroom with professors.” – Adam M.