Our new baby needs a name!

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As a surprise to everyone, Peckham Farm’s three-year-old donkey, Jenny, recently gave birth to her first foal! Evidently Jenny was pregnant when the University acquired the animal last May. Donkey gestation lasts approximately one year, which makes perfect timing for the surprise delivery.

All agree that Jenny has been an excellent mother to the foal in its first weeks of life, but now she needs a name. URI students have provided four names to choose from: Josie, Nessie, Penelope and Hazel. Cast your vote by making a donation to Jenny and her baby’s home, Peckham Farm. The Farm, located across Route 138 from the URI athletic facilities, has sheep, cows, pigs and goats that are used as part of the University’s Animal & Veterinary Science program. URI uses donkeys as guard animals to protect its sheep and goats from attacks by dogs and coyotes.

Donations will help support Peckham Farm laboratory classes and experiential learning projects for students and for ongoing research in animal science. Examples of research projects include managing parasites in sheep and goats through the use of natural plant compounds and improvement of reproductive efficiency of livestock. Undergraduate and graduate students play important management roles at Peckham Farm as they learn and put into practice the science of the care and use of animals. The farm is also the home to the state 4-H program.

BabyDonkey2To vote for a name and make a donation, click on one of the names below:





Enter your donation amount where indicated and then type your favorite name in the “Other” box underneath.

The name will be announced June 30. Feel free to visit our new baby at Peckham Farm Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 3pm.

Thank you for supporting Peckham Farm!