CELS Student Senate liaison works to make a difference in students’ lives

Nelson studies one of the organisms in her vertebrate biology laboratory

Meet the College of the Environment and Life Science’s (CELS) Student Senate liaison, Skylar Nelson. Nelson, a junior marine biology major and CELS student ambassador, plans to run for reelection this spring so that she can keep serving in the best interest of her peers.

  1. What is your role as the College for the Environment and Life Sciences liaison in the URI Student Senate?

My role in URI Student Senate is to meet with the CELS dean once a month and discuss what’s happening in our college, what programs are coming up, how we can improve our college, how to address academic complaints, etc. I then share that information in a report to the Student Senate.

  1. Why did you run for Student Senate?

I decided to run for Student Senate so that I can make a difference on this campus and within my college. I want to ensure student rights are upheld in a safe and accepting environment where everyone has the resources to further their academic career.

  1. What do you hope to accomplish as the CELS liaison?

As the Student Senate CELS liaison, I want to reach out to my fellow students in the college and work to resolve any academic complaints. The more of a  difference I can make, and the more students I can help, the better. I also plan to reach out to CELS freshman, early on, to let them know what their resources and rights are as students, and to help them in any way I possibly can.

  1. Describe some of your duties and responsibilities as a student senate liaison?

My duties are to complete one office hour a week in the Student Senate office, attend the academic committee meetings, once a week, and attend the general Senate meetings once a week. I also have to meet with the dean or assistant dean of CELS once a month, type up a report and  share it on the senate floor during the general meeting.

  1. What is your favorite memory at CELS so far?

My favorite memory at CELS so far is going out in the field to interact with the organisms I study during field labs. I love this because it gives me a feel for what I will actually be studying in my future career as a marine biologist and gives me experience working with others in the field. I’ve also  learned how to complete a task in a timely manner, no matter the weather conditions.

  1. Would you recommend getting involved with Student Senate to other students?

I would definitely recommend getting involved in student senate because not only are we a super fun group of students, but student senate allows your voice to be heard and your representative vote to matter. We are a supportive family of students that encourage diversity and change on this campus and I have never looked back since joining senate.

  1. How can CELS students contact you if they have any questions, comments, or concerns?

If CELS students have any questions, comments, or concerns they can contact me through the CELS email, cels@rhodysenate.org, or meet me in the Student Senate office, room 201 of the Memorial Union, or leave me a note in my mailbox, labelled “Nelson”, on the back wall of the student senate office.