New scavenger hunt to promote Rhode Island farms

A scavenger hunt designed to give exposure to Rhode Island’s farms, garden centers and nurseries, has been expanded for 2012 and prizes will be given to the first 100 participants who correctly complete their entries.

The brochure for the hunt, which was first launched last year by the Rhode Island Fruit Growers Association, is available online at or at one of the 24 farms, nurseries or garden centers participating in the hunt.

The idea for the hunt was the creation of Kerri Stenovitch who launched the hunt last year. Stenovitch was the URI Agriculture Extension Agent until May 1 when she decided to go into farming herself. As a result Heather Faubert, also of URI extension, took over the hunt program, expanded it to 24 sites and put out a colorful brochure that describes how to participate in the activity.

To take part in the hunt, the first step to obtain or download the brochure. Participants then set out on visits to the farms, nurseries or garden centers listed in the brochure. The brochure has picture clues, one for each site, and hunt participants have to spot the appropriate clue at each site they visit. Once they identify the clue, they are given a signature sticker to be placed on the brochure. The brochure includes a map of the state with numbers that identify the location of each of the 24 participating farms and nurseries.

The first 50 participants who garner stickers from at least 15 farms will win a prize pack. They will be called Farm Explorers.

The first 50 participants who visit all 24 sites in the hunt will also win a prize pack but also will be entered in the grand prize drawing. They will be called Farm Voyagers.

Once the brochures are completed with stickers the brochures are mailed in to the address listed in the brochure.

Faubert said the scavenger hunt is one of the programs designed to increase visitation to the state’s various farms that grow or sell produce and plants.