Teaching at the Feinstein Providence Campus

Welcome to teaching at URI’s Feinstein Providence campus, a great place to teach and learn. Our campus may be small, but it is rich in history and has much to offer – motivated students, friendly and helpful staff, a state-of-the-art facility, and of course, dedicated teachers.

Since 1942, the Providence campus has served adult students returning to school, and is one of the oldest and most respected degree-granting education programs in the U.S. We offer degree programs in both day and evening sessions, in order to adapt to the needs of busy adults who are working full-time and parenting, as well as going to school.

We are proud of our diversity and outreach, and of the achievements of our students. Our students have enthusiasm and motivation unparalleled in most classrooms, as well as a wealth of practical experience that enriches discussions. Our students are often juggling multiple roles, such as taking care of children, parents, partners, while managing hectic work schedules. Yet, most consider their coursework at the top of their professional goals, and manage to stretch their schedules in order to stretch their minds.

We have found that the involvement of our students in the classroom experience can also lead to a better understanding of why we are teaching, what is important to teach, and how better to teach it. As our students ponder and question the ideas we share with them, we have the opportunity to grow ourselves, learning from them as they learn from us. That is teaching at its best!

As on the Kingston campus, our courses are taught by a mix of URI faculty, advanced graduate students, and part-time instructors from the wider community. Being educators who are diverse in interests and life situations ourselves, we have a strong connection to the places where we teach, and the students that come to us for knowledge and guidance. The sections within Providence Campus Resources area on our CEPS website will help you find specific information about policies and procedures, calendars, and the like, to make the most of your teaching proficiency and your students’ learning experience.