Chemical Engineering M.S.

Objectives and Outcomes

Program Objectives

  1. Prepare graduates to deliver accurate engineering analyses and assessments that withstand technical scrutiny.
  2. Produce graduates with the ability to carry out research and development that deploys principles of Chemical Engineering.
  3. Enable graduates to acquire breadth of knowledge in subfield(s) that apply Chemical Engineering principles.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate deep knowledge of the nuances that underlie broad-level core fundamentals of Chemical Engineering.
    • Students will defend research methodology, results, and interpretations at the levels required for peer-reviewed publications in technical journals.
  2. Students will conduct research that deploys principles of Chemical Engineering.
    • Students will produce manuscripts that document their research for peer-reviewed journals and/or patents.
  3. Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge in topics beyond the core Chemical Engineering fields.
    • Students will integrate and apply Chemical Engineering knowledge beyond the core fields.