Chemical Engineering M.S.

Program Requirements

The M.S. program requires 30 credits including:

  • CHE 501: Graduate Seminar
  • CHE 502: Graduate Seminar
  • CHE 513: Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
  • CHE 541: Transport Phenomena I
  • CHE 599: Master’s Thesis Research (6-12 credits)

For 12 thesis credits, no special problems or graduate seminar credit is permitted, 18-24 credits of course work. Attendance in CHE 501 or 502 is required every semester for all on-campus students.

The department offers a thesis and non-thesis option.

  • The thesis program includes 18 credits of course work, 12 credits of research as well as a formal written thesis and thesis defense.
  • non-thesis program is available for part-time students, with permission of the department chair, requires master’s examination and comprehensive report with oral examination.