A Pathway to Fluency

Reaching a professional level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is an incredible achievement. Our program provides you with the support, knowledge, and practice it takes to get you there.

The Flagship Experience

Program Overview
You can earn two bachelor’s degrees–in Chinese and your major of choice–and spend a year and a half studying and interning in China or Taiwan. Whether you’re a heritage speaker, a long-time student of Chinese, or you have no background in Mandarin, our flexible curriculum is tailored to your individual proficiency level.

Program Highlights

Summer Immersion Opportunities

Chinese Flagship students spend two to three summers of intensive study the either domestically or in China.  Students who begin studying Chinese as freshmen at URI, spend their first summer at the URI Chinese Flagship Immersion Program (CFIP) or the Flagship Chinese Institute at Indiana University with students from around the country. Students with intermediate mid proficiency or higher may choose from a number of Flagship-approved immersion programs.

Teacher Training Workshops

Participants work with top experts in the field, bring home with task-based language teaching (TBLT) theories, classroom implementation techniques and technological tools, and weave your professional network. The workshop focuses on classroom instruction.

2021 URI Chinese Flagship Program Pedagogical Workshop on Chinese Language Instruction & Technology Integration

The objectives of the workshop are to advance participants’ pedagogical knowledge and practical teaching skills in areas of curriculum design, instructional strategies, and digital technologies for blended learning. The workshop focuses more on backward design of curriculum.