Flagship Scholars

  • Lauren Buchholz - “Anyone can study Chinese if they are willing to put in the time; the language simply requires a lot of contact hours to master.” For Lauren Buchholz, the path into the Chinese Language Flagship program had a few twists and turns. She was pursuing a major in Economics and Political Science with a minor in […]
  • Emily Hadfield Emily Hadfield - After Emily finishes her capstone year in China, she begins a job with the Newton, Massachusetts admission consultancy firm, AcceptU, as a bilingual marketing associate. “It is perfect for me because I will spend 90% of my time speaking Chinese,” she says.
  • Samuel Browne - Sam, now a process engineer in the Rhode Island location of Teknor Apex, says that many people speak English in multinational companies, so basic communication isn’t a challenge, but knowing someone's native language means that you can communicate on a deeper level.
  • Andrew Champagne - Andrew is an IT Project Manager and software developer for Adomi Limited. He works directly with clients and CEOs from Asia to translate their ideas into a roadmap for a team of developers and engineers.
  • Olivia Hallam - The Flagship program has enabled Olivia to regain her original language and pursue a Master’s Degree in nonproliferation and terrorism studies, with a concentration in Chinese at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.