URI Athletic Events

Register Event in ARMs
30 days prior to your event, register your event in ARMS at https://my.armssoftware.com.  You will need a chartfield string for estimated expenses and revenues. (minimum of 10 business days’ notice is required for events to be approved)


Summer Camp Guidance 

CAMPS: https://reopeningri.com/child-care-youth-activities”

SPORTS Youth Activities: https://reopeningri.com/parks-recreation

Rhode Island Regulations 2021, Registration & Contact Tracing
If you are planning to operate summer camps during the summer of 2021, register your camp using the Rhode Island Department of Health Summer Camp Registration Form to provide a point of contact and other important information needed for fast and efficient contact tracing. If you have questions about completing this form, please call Michelle Pearson at 401-601-6297 or email Michelle.Pearson.ctr@health.ri.gov. The registration deadline is May 30th.


Step #2
*Execute Contracts/ Confirm Facilities & Services

Events with facility requests (only).
Coordinate contract & reservations w/Campus Recreation Facility Manager for facility space. Campus Recrecspace@etal.uri.edu 
      * Marketing cannot be published until contract is fully executed.

 -Events with housing /dining requests.
Coordinate your contract & reservations w/URI’s Conference Manager for housing, dining, and facility space.  

Step #3
Risk Management

Submit Certificate of Insurance to URI Risk Management
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Register your program with URI Risk Management
If your participants are minors (under the age of 18), you are required to register your event at https://web.uri.edu/riskmanagement/minors-program-registration-form/

Review URI’s Policy on Minors

Coaches and Staff Requirements

Participants Forms


Emergency Action Plan
Review: URI Sports Medicine Emergency Action Plan Policy 

Identify Certified Athletic Trainer


Step #4
Due within 30 days’ of receipt. Current interest charges are calculated using the prime rate plus 10% when payment is not received within 30 days of receipt.


Step #5

Enter your actual event financial report into ARMs.

Violations of URI Policy
The program camp director is the person responsible for monitoring and implementing the campus COVID-19 policies.  Deliberate violations of this policy may lead to removal of the program from campus. Non-compliance may also result in loss of future reservation privileges.