Rental Policies



URI’s facilities have the primary purpose of supporting the educational and co-curricular mission of the University. In general, requests from the community for the use of URI facilities will be reviewed subject to the prior commitments of that facility for URI educational programs and for the suitability of the requested space for the particular type of program. With the knowledge there is a significant variety of University programming, a uniform set of standards are needed to ensure the integrity of our facilities and cohesion to URI’s mission, vision and values.


URI affiliated and external events must be contracted through University’s Conference Services office and submit proper certificates of insurance. University NCAA employees operating a sports program on or off campus, must register the sports program in ARMS for NCAA compliance. Youth programs with minors on campus must be registered with URI Risk Management.

Activities and programs with minors

The university is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of minors and others who are entrusted to our care, custody, and control while on campus, especially those who are particularly vulnerable. All individuals working with minors on university property are expected to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct when interacting with minors. This statement sets forth the University of Rhode Island’s standards regarding the care, custody and control of minors who participate in events, activities or programs on campus, or off-campus while under the authority, direction or auspices of the University.

Minors on campus policy

Insurance Requirements

The University requires that you obtain and maintain in force, at your expense, a  liability policy or certificate of  coverage for the period of your program. 

Insurance Requirements

Catering Policy

Please see the Catering page for policy information.

Catering policy

Tent Policy

Please see the Tent policy and guidelines.

Tents policy

Rhode Island Tax Policy

Should you seek taxable goods and services from URI as a tax-exempt entity, a copy of your Rhode Island tax-exempt certificate or number is required for exemption. All applicable taxes will be charged to your event (currently 7% Rhode Island state tax, plus 1% additional tax for all food and beverage) without a certificate or number. If your organization is exempt from federal taxes, you must still apply for exempt status in Rhode Island. The link that follows will connect directly to the Application for Certificate of Tax Exemption in Rhode Island.

Contact the Rhode Island Division of Taxation for additional assistance.

Promoter’s Permit

A “Promoter” means any person who, for consideration, rents or leases space to any person for the display and sale of tangible personal property, service, or food and drink subject to tax at a show, or who operates a show. A “Show” is a flea market, craft show, antique show, comic book show and any other show of a temporary nature, regardless of whether conducted at the same location for an extended period of time, excluding, however, trade shows sponsored or promoted by and open only to an industry, trade or professional association or society and not the general public.

A promoter of a show is charged with the duty of collecting the sales tax from each out-of-state person who rents or leases space from the promoter for the display and sale of tangible personal property, services, or food and drink subject to tax at a show. The promoter must collect and remit the tax collected from each out-of-state person at the close of each show. For shows of an extended duration, such as seasonal flea markets, each week or weekend, as the case may be, shall be considered a “separate show”. A promoter shall not permit any person to display or sell tangible personal property, services, or food and drink at a show unless that person has a valid permit to make sales at retail issued by the tax administrator. Said permit shall be properly displayed by vendor.

All promoters of events where goods will be sold must obtain a “Promoter’s Permit” from the RI Division of Taxation if there will be more than one vendor. This permit is good for one year; however, the promoter must notify the Division of Taxation before each event is run. If there will only be one vendor then the promoter must file that vendor’s “Tax Number” with the RI Division of Taxation. Either of these processes must take place at least ten days prior to the event date. The link that follows will connect directly to the Promoter’s Application for Permit.

Contact the Rhode Island Division of Taxation for additional assistance.

Promoter’s Permit

Smoke Free Campus

Smoking is prohibited in or within fifty (50) feet any facility.