Healthy Habitats

Critical to sustaining coasts economically and socially are habitats that support life and culture.  Humans are important drivers of change in most coastal systems.  For societal concerns, we must consider the needs of people and determine how best to support tourism, seafood, transportation, energy and other sectors.  CRC understands that fundamental to continuing revenues are maintaining resources.  Futhermore, the health of growing human populations relies upon the viatality of ecosystems.  In New England and in many nations CRC focuses on understanding the needs for and limitations of the environment.   We work with people in all sectors and value different perspectives and possibilities for our coasts.  Careful management is essential to allow coastal and marine resources for all to enjoy and many to depend upon.    

Habitats are at risk due to human and natural processes.   Destructive events and expanding population pressures are creating new crises.   Near and far, CRC is working with scientists and stakeholders to evaluate best approaches to maximize benefits and longevity.  Several example projects in the Healthy Habitat portfolio are presented below. To learn more or support our efforts, please contact us

Many habitats face threats.