Guangyu Zhu


Feature Selection
Dimension Reduction
Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning


2016 Ph.D. University of  Florida Statistics
2011 B.S. Zhejiang University Mathematics

Selected Publications

Zhu, G., and Zhao, T. (2021). Deep-gKnock: Nonlinear group-feature selection with deep neural networks. Neural Networks.

Zhu, G. and Z. Su (2020). Envelope-based sparse partial least squares. Annals of Statistics. 48(1), 161–182.

Jiangong Chen, Xudong Qin, Guangyu Zhu, Bo Ji, Bin Li (2021), Motion-Predictionbased Wireless Scheduling for Multi-User Panoramic Video Streaming, In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM)

Carvalho, P.G., Setiawan, F., Fahlevy, K., Subhan, B., Madduppa, H., Zhu, G., and Humphries, A (2021). Fishing and habitat condition differentially affect size spectra slopes of coral reef fishes. Ecological Applications

Ding, S., Su, Z., Zhu, G. and Wang L. (2019) Envelope Quantile Regression. Statistica Sinica.

Zhu, G. and Chen, J. (2017) Multi-parameter One-Sided Monitoring Tests. Technometrics. A60(3), 398-407.

Su, Z., Zhu, G., Chen, X. and Yang, Y. (2016) Sparse Envelope Model: Efficient Estimation and Response Variable Selection in Multivariate Linear Regression. Biometrika. 103, 579-593.