A collaborative community

Joan Peckham, of Computer Science and Statistics, and Yang Shen, URI Professor of Oceanography, are co-coordinators of the Big Data project at URI.

The Department of Computer Science and Statistics offers students excellent academic preparation and unique hands-on research opportunities.

Our faculty has a strong representation in a new computational statistics and machine learning working group; and a multi-college Big Data, HPC (high performance computing), and Computational Science initiative. Our researchers are making important contributions in timely areas such as computational statistics, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Working with colleagues in other disciplines, including art, biology, chemistry, engineering, and environmental science, our department is a vibrant, interdisciplinary research community.

200%Increase in majors over a six-year span
#46Ranked for graduating women in computer science and engineering
15Tenure-track faculty

We offer the following academic programs:

  • Computer Science – B.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
  • Statistics – M.S., Ph.D.
  • Data Science – B.A., B.S.
  • Cybersecurity –Minor, Graduate Certificate, and Professional M.S.
  • Digital Forensics – Minor and Graduate Certificate

Mentor a Computer Science Intern from URI

Students pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science or a Data Science degree are required to complete a supervised project in Computer Science, which is often satisfied through an internship. Tell us about your internship opportunity!       

URI Interns

The Department of Computer Science and Statistics was established in 1967, making it the first formal department of computer science in New England. The M.S. program in computer science was approved in 1968; the M.S. program in statistics followed a year later; the first degrees were conferred in 1970. The department instituted an undergraduate Computer Science program in 1975, and the first Ph.D. was awarded in 1982.

Women in Computer Science Fellows Program

We are seeking to substantially increase the number of women graduating from URI with a computer science degree by creating a positive environment where women feel a sense of belonging. Our fellows program invites both sponsors and candidates to apply.   

Women in CS Fellows