Liliana Gonzalez


My research interests are mainly in the areas of environmental modelling and monitoring, spatial statistics, computer intensive methods, time series analysis and biostatistics.


1991 Ph.D. University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming
1981 M.S. University of Houston
Houston, Texas
1978 B.S. Quindio University
Quindio, Colombia


Selected Publications

  • Gonzalez, L., Hoang, P., Powell, J.G., Shi, J. “Defining and Dating Bull and Bear Markets: Two Centuries of Evidence”. Multinational Finance Journal. In Press.
  • Stopa, E.G., Butala, P., Salloway, S., Johanson, C.E., Gonzalez, L., Tavares, R., Hovanesian, V., Hulette, C.M., Vitek, M.P., Cohen, R.A.. “Cerebral Cortical Arteriolar Angiopathy, Vascular ß-Amyloid, Smooth Muscle Actin, Braak Stage and APOE Genotype”. Stroke. In Press.
  • Kang, H., Gonzalez, L., Harris, L., Nixon, S.. “Prediction of Spatio-Temporal Processes – A Case Study”.Proceedings of The International Statistical Institute. 2007.
  • Zipser, B.D., Johanson, C.E., Gonzalez, L., Berzin, T.M., Tavares, R., Hulette, C.M., Vitek, M.P., Hovanesian, V., Stopa, E.G.. “Microvascular Injury and Blood-Brain Barrier Leakage in Alzheimer’s Disease”.
    Neurobiology of Aging. 2007.
  • Gonzalez, L., Hanumara, C., Overdeep, C., Church, S.. “Assessment of Bicycle Paths from Users Perspective”.
    Proceedings of The 47th Annual Transportation Research Forum. 2006.
  • Hervé, J-Y, Liu, Q., Nicholson, M., Gonzalez, L., Mather, T.. “Combining Interactive Visualization and Statistics to Detect Patterns in Environmental Data”. Proceedings of The Seventh International Conference on Teaching Statistics. 2006.
  • Silberstein, T., Saphier, O., Paz-Tal, O., Trimarchi , J.R., Gonzalez, L., Keefe, D.L.. “Lead concentrates in ovarian follicle compromises pregnancy”. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. 2006.
  • Gonzalez, L., Powell, J.G., Shi, J., Wilson, A.. “Two Centuries of Bull and Bear Market Cycles”. International Review of Economics & Finance. 2005.
  • Chick, G., Gonzalez, L.. “Case Studies in Cultural Control: John M. Roberts’ Four Southwestern Men”. Journal of Cross Cultural Research. 2005.
  • Silberstein, T., Trimarchi, J.R., Gonzalez, L., Keefe, D.L., Blazar, A.. “Pregnancy Outcome in In-vitro Fertilization Decreases to a Plateau with Repeated Cycles”. Fertility & Sterility. 2005.
  • Akhlaghi, F., Gonzalez, L., Trull, A.K.. “Association Between Cyclosporine Concentrations at Two Hours Post Dose (C-2) and Clinical Outcomes in de Novo Lung Transplant Recipients”. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 2005.
  • Hollister, J. W., Gonzalez, L., Paul, J. F., August, P. V., Copeland, J. L.. “Assessing the Accuracy of the National Land Cover Dataset Area Estimates at Multiple Spatial Extents”. Journal of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 2004.
  • Bardsley, W. E., Gonzalez, L.. “Revisiting On Counting by Weighing”. Proceedings of the Thirty-Second Annual Meeting of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute. 2003.
  • Gonzalez, L., Auda, H.. “Re-sampling Methods in Regression: Which Method to Use Under Non-normality?”.Proceedings of the American Statistical Association. 2002.
  • Bhabra, G.S., Gonzalez, L., Myeong, S.K., Powell, J.. “Volatility Prediction During Prolonged Crises: Evidence from Korean Index Options”. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. 2001.


  • Trends in Hydrology. Manly, B.F.J., Gonzalez, L.. Council of Scientific Research Integration, 1994.

Course Information

STA308 – Introductory Statistics
STA412 – Statistical Methods in Research II
STA501 – Analysis of Variance and Variance Components
STA542 – Categorical Data Analysis Methods
STA592 – Special Topics in Statistics

Teaching Appointments

2005 - 2019 Professor University of Rhode Island
Department of Computer Science and Statistics
Kingston, Rhode Island
2001 - 2004 Assistant Professor University of Rhode Island
Department of Computer Science and Statistics
Kingston, Rhode Island
1997 - 2000 Senior Lecturer University of Otago
Department of Finance and Quantitative Analysis
Dunedin, New Zealand
1997 Visiting Researcher University of Wyoming
Department of Statistics
Laramie, Wyoming
1990 - 1996 Lecturer University of Otago
Department of Finance and Quantitative Analysis
Dunedin, New Zealand
1984 - 1985 Lecturer and Director of Mathe Universidad Piloto de Colombia
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
Bogota, Colombia
1983 - 1984 Part Time Lecturer Universidad de los Andes

Department of Computer Science

Bogota, Colombia