Shaun Wallace, “Human-Centric Systems for Quality Data”

When: Wednesday, April 19, 10:00 am
Where: Ranger 208

Information is often interpreted through tools, recently AI tools which sit closer to the user than the source information. From ChatGPT to instant answers on Google search and voice services on Siri and Alexa, these tools are only as good as their sources, especially for recent information. This recent data evolves rapidly and can be rife with biases and errors. When this vital training data evolves rapidly, how do we maintain its source data and improve the information’s readability and utility? Building systems to create a mutually beneficial relationship between people and the insights they seek will motivate accurate contributions to maintain evolving data.

In this talk, I will discuss my longitudinal research on building public systems that combine social theories, peer production, and crowdsourcing to fairly attract and engage everyday people to maintain evolving data. I will discuss my research on a smarter wiki for tabular data and creating personalized recommendations to improve readability. I will also discuss future opportunities to build new human-in-the-loop public systems to explore the evolving symbiotic relationships between people, AI, and data to continuously deliver real-world impacts.

About the speaker:
Shaun Wallace is a Doctoral Candidate at Brown University in the Department of Computer Science, advised by Jeff Huang. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Rhode Island. His professional experience extends over 15 years from junior to lead systems programming and software engineering roles. He is a Human-Computer Interaction Systems researcher. His public-facing research systems have engaged hundreds of thousands of visitors to deliver real-world impacts across multiple disciplines and populations. His research collaborations have won awards at Fast Company and UserTesting and helped create The Readability Consortium with Adobe, Google, UCF, and others. His work has been featured at Adobe MAX, Adobe Education Leadership Summit, Prolific, and the Skoll World Forum.