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Butterfield Dining Hall serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday. Breakfast consists or a wide variety or cereals, freshly baked pastries from our own Bakeshop along with bagels and breads. Eggs, pancakes, French toast, breakfast meats and potatoes are served on a regular basis. A special attraction at Butterfield Dining Hall is our Omelets cooked-to-order where students are able to choose from regular eggs, low fat eggs and egg whites along with a wide variety of fillings. This station along with a cook-your-own Belgian Waffle station is available throughout the day. Highlights of Butterfield dining include a pizza, and an Italian pasta entrée area, made-to-order burritos and grilled quesadillas cooked-to-order. The deli area prepares sandwiches from a wide array of meats, cheeses, and vegetarian items. “Home-Style” entrees complete the offerings with selections such as Roasted Turkey, macaroni and cheese and Chicken potpie. The soup and salad section offers freshly prepared soups including vegan selection and offers many popular salad items.

What’s Happening at Butterfield

Meet The Staff

Butterfield Manager

Tom Cronin

Butterfield Manager 401-874-2022
Food Service Administrator

Bjorn Godden

Food Service Administrator 401-874-2022

Weekly Menu & Pricing 

Breakfast $8.50 | Brunch & Lunch $11.50 | Dinner $13.50


FOOD ALLERGIES: For your safety, it is the customer’s obligation to inform the server about any food allergies. ~ Thank you for keeping us informed.

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