DAI Student Stories

The DAI team is proud of the students we work with and grateful for the opportunity to learn about their interests and goals. A few have generously shared their stories below.

DAI Student

Learn about Ryan's experiences as a student with a disability navigating the COVID pandemic and his decision to take a semester off to hike the Appalachian Trail.

DAI Student / Alum

A political science and communications studies major, Bove has his sights set on Rhode Island’s state legislature.

DAI Student

How Discrimination in STEM Changed My Life. Student written content for The Unwritten.

Content Warning: workplace ableism and academic ableism, lack of legal protection for students against discrimination.

DAI Student / URI Alum

Read Sydney's poem Body Prison about her experiences as a person using a wheelchair, Body Prison Part 2 is linked at the bottom.

DAI Student, SADA/A President

Read Jewel's account of navigating college as a student with an invisible disability and how she has integrated disability into her research.

Would you like to see your story featured here? If so, please send a message to dai@uri.edu.