Housing Accommodations

To support students with disabilities and/or chronic medical conditions who need accessible housing, URI has developed a process with the office of Disability Access and Inclusion (DAI), to determine eligibility.  Please note that all application and deposit deadlines published by Housing and Residence Life (HRL) must be honored, and if missed, cannot be excused or overridden by DAI.

Requesting Housing Accommodations

1. Complete the New to DAI process to initiate a new request, or visit the Returning Student page if you were previously approved for housing accommodations. Follow the eligibility steps noted therein.

2. Submit documentation that follows URI and DAI’s guidelines, containing and lists medically necessary housing accommodations specifically. DAI cannot make assumptions based on a diagnosis, or from evaluations/letters that do not include housing needs. Students are welcome to submit a Student Statement (visit the Documentation Guidelines page for more information). Please note that
documentation that does not meet the guidelines is considered incomplete, and the housing request will remain incomplete until guideline-compliant documentation is received.

Your provider is encouraged to complete the Housing Documentation Form

3. Participate in a meeting with a DAI case manager.

Once the student completes the above process, their request will go before the DAI Housing Committee to determine eligibility based on medical necessity. The decision to approve or deny the request will be emailed to the student, and will include information on next steps. 

Please note:

  • DAI is permitted to approve medically necessary housing accommodations only. Personal preferences, such as a specific residence hall, are not included or permitted in the accommodations process.
  • HRL reserves the right to place students in a setting that reflects the approved accommodations. Students will not be given multiple options to choose from. HRL also reserves the right to reassign you to a space that meets the medical need. The change will ONLY accommodate the student with the medical need and not the selected roommates.  
  • An approved housing accommodation will supersede any preferences or roommate selections previously requested.
  • An approved housing accommodation does not guarantee placement, especially after HRL deadlines have passed. Placement is on a first-come-first-served basis, and subject to availability.
  • DAI does not have input regarding specific housing assignments beyond approving and verifying accommodation needs.  Students risk forfeiting their approved accommodation placement when requesting or seeking a reassignment. For intentional forfeiture, students must submit a request to HRL and DAI in writing.