Funding Request

CED Mission Statement

The Office of Community, Equity and Diversity strives to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive University in which every individual can learn, work, and thrive.

Core Values

  • Nurturing development of a holistic perspective
  • Affirming multiple intersecting identities
  • Fostering cultural competence through transformative learning
  • Advancing equity, inclusion and diversity in the global community
  • Modeling honesty, integrity, social justice and respect

Funding Request Form

Please enter all of the required information in the fields below and click the submit button. All requests must be submitted a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the event to allow for review and processing.
  • If the request is for an individual, please include the (a) purpose and goals of the project, activity, or event; (b) date(s); and (c) location(s). If the request is for an organization, please include the (a) title of the project, activity, or event; (b) purpose and goals; (c) target group(s); (d) proposed number of participants; (e) date(s); and (f) location(s).
  • CED prioritizes funding requests that demonstrate a clearly articulated contribution to the goal of fostering a vibrant, integrated university culture that celebrates the uniqueness of its members. Please refer to Focus URI Strategic Vision for the University of Rhode Island and the Priority 3: Foster an inclusive culture in particular. Be sure to outline a minimum of one goal, strategy, and action from the Strategic Vision that aligns with your request.
  • Indicate the semester that the funds will be used.
  • Upload supporting documents for funding request (e.g., flyers, invoices, bills, etc.). This is required.
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