Strategic Plan 2023-2033

Foster an Inclusive Culture

Priority 3

Foster an inclusive, people-centered culture

The University of Rhode Island will be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community—a vibrant, integrated university that celebrates the uniqueness of its members and fosters a culture of valuing people, excellence, and giving back.

URI is deeply committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible learning, living, and working environment. We value intellectual curiosity, creativity, scholarship, and the global exchange of ideas that enrich our community and contribute meaningfully to the world.

We respect and appreciate the unique contributions of every member of our community, and we will not tire in our efforts to foster a true sense of belonging by ensuring that the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are imbued in all that we do in our policies, programming, collaborations, and conversations.

We have witnessed seismic changes wrought by a global pandemic. And we must, as we emerge, adapt to those changes and, even more, harness the opportunities they present by ensuring that we continue to promote collaboration, reward excellence, maintain flexibility, provide and support opportunities for personal and professional growth, and be responsive to new ideas so that we may attract and retain the very best students, staff, and faculty.

Goal 1

Cultivate a sense of community—‘one university’—where all students, faculty, and staff find themselves included and their work valued.

  • Action 1: Enhance the University’s human resources organization to address the whole employee and embrace modern and competitive practices, including organization and employee development, workplace flexibility, and employee support.
  • Action 2: Institute regular assessments of the workplace environment, provide community updates, and make related improvements.
  • Action 3: Grow professional development and learning opportunities for the Rhode Island workforce and alumni.

Goal 2

Build an innovative, contemporary, and professional learning environment and workplace that values and advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility with leadership that is principle-centered and effective.

  • Action 1: Enhance search and hiring processes to prioritize the recruitment, hiring, and retention of faculty and staff of color.
  • Action 2: Implement professional development programming focused on anti-racism and building awareness of anti-Black racism, and encourage active discourse and develop opportunities for interaction between diverse groups and individuals.
  • Action 3: Ensure a diversity-infused curriculum, with equitable support for diversity fellowships and mentors for faculty of color, and value evidence-based faculty contributions to anti-racism and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Goal 3

Attract, recognize, and retain outstanding faculty and staff.

  • Action 1: Institute streamlined, contemporary, and equitable talent acquisition and retention processes and practices, including a competitive and equitable salary structure.
  • Action 2: Articulate and expand opportunities for faculty and staff career progression.
  • Action 3: Foster a culture of excellence that provides development opportunities, recognizes achievement, and rewards outstanding performance.