Cyber-Physical Systems Security Workshop

October 18-19, 2019 
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI



The electrical grid is arguably the most essential infrastructure in modern society since most critical sectors are inherently contingent on reliable supply of electricity. As the electrical grid becomes increasingly “smarter”—more integrated with control systems, communication technologies, and computer processing—it has also become more vulnerable to both cyber and physical threats. In addition to research and technology development to improve the security, resilience, and reliability of the grid, a strong and talented workforce can lessen vulnerabilities to such a critical infrastructure.

This two-day Cyber-Physical Systems Security Workshop will foster communications and discussions among different communities from academia, industry, and government to discuss and outline the important opportunities and challenges in this critical field, ranging from fundamental research, technology innovation, and workforce and outreach development.

This workshop includes the following two themes, with focused plenary talks, panels, and break-out group discussions:

Theme of October 18, 2019: Smart Grid Security: Science and technology advancements and challenges

Theme of October 19, 2019: Cyber-physical Systems Security: Education and workforce development

This workshop will be free, but Registration is required for logistic planning purpose to ensure you will have a space and conference materials.