Colleen Stadelmann ’02

Colleen Stadelmann grew up in Westerly, Rhode Island as one of four children. Colleen started at the University of Rhode Island believing she would study science, but was inspired to pursue Economics after taking ECN 201 with Professor Mead. She spent five years at URI studying Economics and French, as well as minoring in Philosophy and Business. After an internship experience in investment banking, Colleen found that she was more interested in working with companies that make tangible products, so she decided to explore opportunities in this realm.

After graduating from URI, Colleen joined GE on the Financial Management Program (FMP), a two-year training program that allows participants to complete four rotations in different areas of corporate finance. She spent a year in Indiana and a year in Mexico working for one of GE’s industrial businesses. From there, she joined the Corporate Audit Staff (CAS), which is GE’s internal management consultant program. Members live in hotels 100% of the time and travel globally to all of GE’s internal businesses, doing everything from internal audits to process improvements to compliance.

After of couple years on CAS, she took several project roles at GE Corporate, working on business dispositions and system implementations. In 2010, she decided to take a longer term role in order to develop a deeper expertise in Commercial Finance. She became the Pricing Manager for the helicopter engine business, where she worked for three years, covering both commercial and military customers. During that time, she also taught and wrote teaching curriculum for the FMP program finance courses. In 2014 she was asked to take the role of Global Program Manager of the FMP program, where she was responsible for the recruiting strategy, rotational experiences, and overall program structure. Having 600 program members in over 40 countries, she spent most of her time during those three years living on the road again.

In mid-2017, Colleen was ready for a new role. As she started exploring new opportunities, she was approached for a position at Boston Consulting Group, as the finance business partner for HR, People Team, and Finance functions.

Along with deciding to change businesses, she also decided it was the right time to go back to school. She will be part of the MIT Sloan Executive MBA Class of 2020.

Colleen is interested in how machine learning and digital transformation will change the nature of work. She also likes using numbers to tell a story and to help drive a business’ strategic decisions. In her spare time, Colleen is an avid skier in the winter, loves the beach in the summer, and will never stop being a voracious reader.

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