Graduate School in Economics

Graduate School in Economics

Graduate school in Economics is a wonderful opportunity to further you studies, research, and opportunities in the field beyond an undergraduate degree. Here you will find various resources to help you apply to graduate school. If you have any further questions your adviser in the department can help you. The American Economics Association’s graduate school preparation page has an excellent application timeline as well as information on program rankings, funding opportunities, math opportunities and other helpful resources.

GRE Test

Study Resources:

General Math Review
Khan Academy Review Videos

  • When using Khan Academy refer to this guide for which videos to watch

Two Free Online GRE Tests
Free Practice Book for the GRE Test

There are additional resources available for purchase such as online courses, additional study books, vocabulary flashcards, and more. 

Test Registration:

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Many Economics majors pursue a career in law after graduation. The LSAT test is an integral part of admission to law school.

Study Resources:

Khan Academy Review Videos
Test Tutorials and Practice Tests 
Preparation Books Available for Purchase

Test Registration: 

Register for the LSAT and find test locations

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are usually from professors you have built a relationship with in your classes. For most schools, 3-5 letters of recommendation is sufficient. Ask professors to write letters for you at least a month in advance, they are very busy and will not be able to help if you request a letter at the last minute. 

Contact Information for the Economics Department 

Research Opportunities

Research is a strong addition to a graduate school application. The university offers several opportunities for research grants throughout the year, however a formal grant is not necessary to conduct research. Consider conducting an independent study, or expanding on a research project you began in a course. On occasion professors in the department have opportunities for students to assist with research, talk to your professors to see if any opportunities come up! 

University of Rhode Island Student Research Grants:

(URI)2 Grant
College of Arts and Sciences Fellowship 
Honors Project Funding 

Note that many research projects require IRB (Institutional Review Board) review before conducting the project. Review this guide for assistance.