Other Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for Economics majors either within the university, nationally, or globally. On this page, you will find information on university research opportunities, national research opportunities, undergraduate research conferences, undergraduate research journals, summer opportunities and the Economics Honors Society. Click on any of these link to navigate to the desired section. 

URI Research Opportunities

The university offers several opportunities for research grants throughout the year, however a formal grant is not necessary to conduct research. Consider conducting an independent study, or expanding on a research project you began in a course. On occasion professors in the department have opportunities for students to assist with research, talk to your professors to see if any opportunities come up! 

University of Rhode Island Student Research Grants:

(URI)2 Grant
College of Arts and Sciences Fellowship 
Honors Project Funding 

Note that many research projects require IRB (Institutional Review Board) review before conducting the project. Review this guide for assistance.

National Research Opportunities

  • National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)  RA Positions: This page provides links to full-time job listings for bachelor’s degree candidates, graduate students, or post-docs, where a substantial share of the work involves assisting economics researchers prepare papers for publication in academic journals, through, for example, collection and analysis of datasets or field research. Positions typically have an expected duration of 1 to 3 years, and typically give priority to candidates looking to continue to the next stage of their academic career upon completion of the position. This page does not include listings for jobs that utilize economic analysis for purposes other than academic research, such as economics consulting firms and financial services firms; university career offices typically manage these postings. A somewhat broader range of opportunities, not at the NBER, can be found on this page
  • Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL): This is mainly for students interested in economic development. The action lab involves research assistantships working with world-class researchers in development economics and offers good experience for those who would like to pursue a PhD in an empirical field. Some positions could lead to internal promotion (i.e. to “Research Manager”) if interested in staying in a nonprofit career track while others are “in the field” internationally.

Undergraduate Research Conferences 

  • Eastern Economic Association: The Eastern Economic Association invites undergraduates to submit essays for presentation at its annual meeting in late February or early March. The deadline for submission is early November.
  • International Atlantic Economic Society: The International Atlantic Economic Society invites undergraduate students to compete in the IAES annual undergraduate paper competition. The winner of the student competition will receive: a $500 check, a handsome commemorative plaque, and complimentary publication of the paper in the Atlantic Economic Journal. The winner will be selected at the International Atlantic Economic Conference annual conference in October. The submission deadline is June 15.
  • Midwest Economics AssociationThe Midwest Economics Association invites undergraduates to present their essays at special undergraduate sessions of the annual meeting each March. An award of $200 goes to the best undergraduate essay. The deadline for submission of the essay is November 15.

Undergraduate Economics Research Journals

  • The Berkeley Economic Review is the University of California at Berkeley’s undergraduate, peer-reviewed, academic economics journal, and publishes undergraduate research papers and honors theses in the field of economics, political science, public policy, business, statistics, and related fields. They also accept academic term papers, class essays, policy briefs, and op-eds. All undergraduate students currently enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university are welcome to submit content for review.
  • The Developing Economist is edited at the University of Texas at Austin and welcome submissions from undergraduate economists.
  • Equilibria: Duke Economics Review accepts outstanding papers in economics and related fields such as business, accounting, finance, marketing, public policy, and game theory. Students from all academic disciplines may submit their work. Submissions with an average length of 3-5 pages double spaced, with the maximum length not exceeding 10 pages, will be considered. Please submit by December 31st. Submit queries and essays to dukeeconreview@gmail.com.
  • The Visible Hand, Cornell’s undergraduate economics journal, is fully student run. It covers a wide range of economic issues with a focus on contemporary issues that occur in economics throughout the semester of publication. It is distributed in print across the Cornell Campus and is available online as a PDF through the Cornell Economics Society website.
  • Issues in Political Economy is edited and refereed by undergraduates and publishes essays by undergraduates. This journal is published by Elon University and the University of Mary Washington.
  • Undergraduate Economic Review is edited by undergraduates and publishes essays authored by undergraduates. It is based at Illinois Wesleyan University.
  • The Columbia Economic Review publishes essays by undergraduate with an issue each semester. It is published by students at Columbia University. 
  • Comparative Advantage is the annual undergraduate economics journal of Stanford University, publishing articles in all fields related to economics – including public policy, finance, economic sociology, business, and any other relevant subjects.

Summer Opportunities

  • American Economic Association Summer Program and Minority Scholarship Program
    The American Economic Association’s Summer Program and Minority Scholarship Program is now based at Michigan State University. A program begun in 1974, the AEA Summer Program seeks to prepare talented undergraduates for doctoral programs in Economics and related disciplines, by offering a unique opportunity for students to gain technical skills in Economics and conduct research with prominent faculty.
  • Mentoring Program, AEA Committee on the Status of Minorities in the Economics Profession
    The AEA established the Mentoring Program to support under-represented minorities in entering and/or completing doctorate degrees in economics. Mentoring Program matches African-American, Latino, and Native American economics Ph.D. students with mentors in the field, and also facilitates networking between minority economists and students at all stages of the educational pipeline. This website has more information, current and past participants, mentors, conferences, resources for economists and students, and other helpful information about minorities in the field of economics.

Economics Honors Society

  • Omicron Delta EpsilonODE is an honorary society of economics students, organized as chapters at participating campuses. ODE honors “achievement in economics worldwide” and publishes The American Economist. To be eligible for our local chapter you must have at least 12 credits in the major including the two intermediate theory courses (327 and 328), have a B or better average in the major, and B or better average overall. Applications and inductions will be conducted at the end of the academic year. 

Other opportunities can be found via the AEA student resources page