Global Education Studies Minor

URI students in the Dominican Republic
The Global Education Studies (GES) minor allows students to explore globalization and internationalization of education and educational policies using the critical lens of equity and social justice, human rights and global citizenship. The minor will prepare students with a diversity of backgrounds with the skill sets to become change agents and leaders in education in today’s globalized world.

While this minor is part of the College of Education, students from all majors are welcome to participate or take courses in the minor. Students interested in pursuing careers in and outside of the U.S. in the field of K-16 education, governmental and non-governmental organizations, international agencies, further their studies of international issues are especially encouraged to pursue this minor.

The curriculum is focused on expanding students’ knowledge, skills, and understanding of specific comparative and international theories, concepts, and practices in education. The minor includes a requirement for participation in a faculty-led program in one of the College of Education’s study abroad programs in education or equivalent international experience such as COIL.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Learn to lead and innovate in educational policy in a changing global world.
  • Immerse yourself in learning or expanding your skills in a world language and culture.
  • Participate in cross-cultural dialogue and collaborate with students and educators living and teaching in different parts of the world.
  • Experience another country in a nonconventional manner through cultural interactions and activities, observing foreign education systems first hand.
  • Participate in problem solving and hands-on service learning opportunities with international nonprofits and NGOs that will benefit communities.

Program Requirements

GES minors must complete 18 or more credits related to global, comparative, and international education offered by different departments. To declare a minor in Global Studies in Education, contact your major academic advisor in your College. A program advisor in the College of Education will facilitate your progress toward the minor and help assure that all requirements will be met for completion of the minor.

Requirements include a core of nine credits as follows:

  • EDC 441: Comparative and International Education (3 credits)
  • EDC 330: Introduction to MLL Education (3 credits)
  • Participation in a Faculty-led study abroad program or an internship that is equivalent (i.e. COIL Collaborative Online International Learning), transfer course from another study abroad program). (3 credits)

Faculty-Led program options include EDC 441: Comparative and International Education Study Abroad (Summer Session 1) and EDC 278/EDC 478: A Cross-cultural Understanding of Socio-political Issues, Educational Challenges, and Interventions within the U.S. and the Dominican Republic (Winter J-Term).

Students also choose a minimum of one language course from the Languages department or proficiency in another language that may not be offered in the languages department. This can be waived for a student who has grown up in a multilingual household, or who has lived and studied at least three years or more in a foreign country including grades 1-12 (or equivalent). For those students, these three credits can be replaced with electives.

Finally, students will take two electives from the approved courses. Non-Education majors must also take EDC103 G in place of one of their electives. Other international/global courses may be used as electives if approved by an advisor.

Approved Elective Courses:

  • COM 462: Communication and Global Society
  • ECN 521: Global Politics of Work and Social Welfare
  • EDC 421: Storytelling in Global Society
  • GEO 305G: Global Climate Change
  • GEO 405G: Indonesia: Biodiversity, Geology, Water Resources
  • GWS 325: International Women’s Issues
  • HPR 375: Honors Seminar in Global Responsibility and Social Sciences
  • OCG 508: Global Environmental Change Education
  • PLS 385: Agroecology and Global Food Systems
  • PSC 360: Human Rights
  • PSC 415: Dynamics of Social Change in the Caribbean
  • PSC 419: Politics in Latin America
  • PSC 435: Theories of International Conflict

Through our partnership with BridgeTEFL, students can transfer credits from this program, toward certification to teach English abroad.

Once in the GES minor program, candidates have up to two years to complete the requirements.