International Engineering Program

See the world from another perspective

Spanish IEP student, Michael Logar hikes in the Torres del Paine, Patagonia during a year abroad in Chile

Photograph courtesy Michael Logar

When you connect meaningfully across cultures, you begin to see the world from a perspective that is different from your own. Taking on the world’s challenges requires the type of thinker who can look at a problem from multiple vantage points and find solutions others can’t see.

The International Engineering Program, or IEP, offers an unparalleled experience for students looking to become truly global engineers. You’ll earn two degrees simultaneously: a B.S. in an engineering discipline and a B.A. in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Global Language Area Studies with a concentration in Japanese. By combining the power of a world-class engineering program, immersion in a foreign language and culture and a year studying and interning abroad, the five-year program prepares engineers who can work collaboratively and efficiently on international teams.

The University of Rhode Island's groundbreaking International Engineering Program (IEP) serves as a model for engineering and language educators across the entire country.
The Institute of International Education
100%IEP graduates study study abroad for 1 calendar year (compared to .1% EGR students nationally)
~950Students placed in internships abroad (to date)
33%Female IEP students (compared to 22% national average)
25%IEP students from underrepresented populations


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  • Mastering Connections - Bringing international graduate students into the College of Engineering through both new and established dual master’s degree programs is a major priority of the International Engineering Program.  Last August, ten dual master’s and MBA students from TU Braunschweig and TU Darmstadt graduated from URI last August. One of the Fulbright scholars, Leonie Otte, is still […]


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