Biomedical Engineering Students to Present Research at MIT Conference

Several biomedical engineering students will present their research projects at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undergraduate Research Technology Conference from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.

The students’ work will also be published in IEEE Xplore‘s digital library.

Emma Lokey, Anna Cetera, Demetrios Petrou and Kellen Waters conducted research on the “Development of a Motor-assisted therapy bike for patients with Parkinson’s Disease.”

The four students worked on the project over the last year. They developed a prototype to help Parkinson’s patients to manage the symptoms of the disease.

Kaitlyn Lum and Olivia Wojnilo did their research project onSixthSense: A Wearable Ultrasonic System with Haptic Feedback for Visually Impaired Individuals.”

The two sophomores developed their project this summer in the BME SPARK program. Their mentors were Dhaval Solanki, Reza Abiri, Joseph Reyes and Kunal Mankodiya.