Environmental and Natural Resource Economics B.S.

Accelerated Bachelor to Masters Program

The Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s (ABM) program in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (ENRE) will offer qualified, focused students the opportunity to complete both the B.S. and the M.S. degrees in ENRE (non-thesis option only) in five years on average.

  • The students accepted into the ABM program will be able to double count up to 11 credits towards both the B.S. and M.S. degrees. Only 400-level and 500-level courses designated for graduate credit are eligible to be double counted.
  • GRE is NOT required for the ABM program. 
  • The M.S. degree program includes a major paper that allows the students to gain experience in the research process under faculty mentorship.


The ABM program requires a minimum of 143 credits in total. A minimum of 120 credits are required for the BS–the same as for the students completing the degree over four years. The M.S. degree (non-thesis option) requirements are the same as for students completing the degree over two years. All students must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA in the MS program.

All requirements for the B.S. and M.S. degrees must be completed within two years after the student is enrolled in the ABM program. Undergraduate students who wish to leave the program will still be eligible to receive their B.S. degree once they have fulfilled all undergraduate degree requirements. ENRE graduate-level courses can count towards the 120 credits needed for the B.S. degree.

Sample Curriculum


The ideal time to apply for the ABM program is by the beginning of the spring semester of your junior year. Later applications are welcome, but they may not enable you to complete the program in five years. 

If you meet the minimum requirements for the ENRE ABM program you must complete a pre-application form and schedule a meeting with your undergraduate advisor to discuss and develop a degree plan for your ABM program.

Pre-Application Form Apply

You must then apply for the ABM program through the URI Graduate School admission system and if an application is submitted by the beginning of the semester, the acceptance decision will be notified before the end of that semester. Your student status will officially change from undergraduate to graduate after completion of the B.S. degree requirements.

Students must complete all degree requirements for both degrees within two years after enrollment into the ABM program. An additional year may be allowed with the permission of the Graduate School. Failure to complete the ABM in the allotted time effectively ends the AMB and the students will not be able to double count the credits.

Financial aid

Even though students will be taking graduate-level courses in their senior year, they are only responsible for paying standard undergraduate tuition and fees while matriculated as a bachelor’s student. Students will be charged graduate tuition only after they matriculate as a graduate student to complete their remaining master’s requirements.

For more details on financial aid, please check out the Enrollment Services page or contact the Graduate Program Director to inquire about funding opportunities.

ABM Coordinators

Professor, Graduate Program Director

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics