Billing Adjustments and Refunds

Adjustment Policy for Courses Dropped During the Add Period

Tuition and fees are reassessed at the end of the two-week add period. At reassessment, bills are adjusted for add/drop transactions completed during the add period. Enrollment changes made after the add period will not reduce term bills. This policy pertains to downward billing adjustments and would include the following:

  • Dropping of credit overload courses
  • A change from full-time to part-time status
  • Dropping of courses by a part-time student
  • Dropping of courses for which program fees and/or course fees have been assessed.
  • Credit reduction for a particular course

NOTE: This policy applies only in the event that a student remains continuously enrolled. If a student drops all courses, he/she will be considered “unofficially” withdrawn from the University and the bill will be adjusted in accordance with the schedule provided below.

Adjustment Policy for Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence

If you decide not to attend the University after you have registered for the semester, the charges on your bill will remain your responsibility unless you properly withdraw or take a leave of absence from the University. If you withdraw or take leave prior to the start of the semester, you will have no tuition or fee liability. Once the semester has started, you will be held responsible for a portion of your charges in accordance with the University refund schedule for that semester.

Fall 2018 Refund Schedule (PDF)

Spring 2018 Refund Schedule (PDF)

Fall 2017 Refund Schedule (PDF)



IMPORTANT:  Please note that the adjustment policies and deadlines provided above do not apply to our accelerated fully online Nursing and Dietetics programs.  Please visit Online Programs for more information.


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