Incentive Based Budgeting

Purpose for Budget Model Transition

Transitioning from an incremental to an incentive-based budget (IBB) philosophy will ensure the long-term financial sustainability of URI through the diversification of revenue streams, alignment of resources and decision-making authority, and establishment of incentives to reward operational efficiencies. This will ensure that URI is well positioned to be a leading research flagship university.

The development, implementation, and assessment of the new incentive-based budget model will be guided by the following principles:

  • Rewards innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and a “One University” mindset.
  • Provides transparency, clarity, and predictability.
  • Builds an environment of inclusive excellence.
  • Fosters responsibility and accountability.
  • Incentivizes increased academic quality, aligning core competencies and avoiding redundant offerings, or offerings that are misaligned with areas of expertise.

Additional resources and updates will be added here as they become available. Please see the following descriptions for committee pages, including roster information, committee charges, and the projected IBB timeline.


September 2023
  • Design Committee Charge issued by Steering Committee tri-chairs
  • Steering Committee bi-weekly recurring meetings commence
  • Design Committee bi-weekly recurring meetings commence
Fall 2023
  • President’s Executive Council, President’s Stewardship Council, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, General Faculty, Department Chairs, Dean’s Council, and other public forum updates quarterly or as needed
Spring 2024
  • New budget model proposed by Steering Committee modeled and presented to the Budget Model Executive Committee for consideration
  • FSP to meet with college leadership teams to review preliminary financial results
July 2024
  • IBB Model is in place as a “held harmless” year, meaning the IBB framework will be in place, but colleges are not responsible for backfilling any shortfalls nor will retain any surpluses generated
FY 2025
  • Continue to refine the model
July 1, 2025
  • IBB model goes live

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