IBB Executive Committee

Committee Charge


To implement an incentive-based budget model that considers recommendations as provided by the Budget Model Steering Committee that provides:

  • Incentives to reward unit level success and fuel the development of new programs and other revenue streams, balancing achievement of core values that are not revenue-generating
  • Tuition and other resources to degree-granting colleges in a predictable manner
  • Resources to advance strategic initiatives aligned with the goals and vision in the Focus URI Strategic Plan
  • Funding to support units responsible for delivering essential, university-wide support services


  • The recommendations provided by the Budget Model Steering Committee will be evaluated to ensure alignment with guidance as provided by the Budget Model Executive Committee, budgeting best practices across public higher education, and strategic priorities as outlined in the Focus URI Strategic Plan.
  • The Executive Committee is committed to an impartial deliberation process that will be evaluated through an institution-wide lens, ensuring no single college or unit is prioritized over another.
  • The Executive Committee will evaluate how the recommended incentive-based budget model aligns with existing institutional budget practices, policies, and procedures as well as existing systems, recommending alterations as appropriate.


  • Define the parameters and allocation of strategic reserves and subvention in support of the institution’s strategic priorities.
  • Recommend overall budget process, including how URI will deal with enrollment declines, state budget uncertainty, potential F&A caps, national recessions, or other potential threats.
  • Develop a campus reporting plan that considers Budget Model Steering Committee recommendations to enhance transparency regarding the funding allocation process, assign accountability for goal realization, and analyze return on investments.
  • Recommend an institutional fund balance plan that allows the university to capitalize on emerging opportunities while also providing flexibility to address emergencies as they arise.
  • Develop a communications plan that ensures meaningful incentive-based budget model updates are communicated effectively to a wide range of stakeholders.