Geology and Geological Oceanography B.S.

Geology Specialization

In addition to the core courses required for all B.S. in Geology and Geological Oceanography majors. Students in the Geology Specialization must take the following courses:

  • GEO 483 – Hydrogeology (4 credits)
  • GEO 480 – Summer Field Camp (4 – 6 credits)

Field course

All majors are highly encouraged to take a field course, GEO 480, preferably during the summer of the junior or senior year. Such courses are offered by a variety of different schools around the country, and involve 4 – 6 weeks of intensive field work including rock identification, mapping, and structural and stratigraphic studies. To broaden their geological experiences, we encourage our students to take advantage of one of the many courses offered in the western United States. Students may substitute an approved field experience for this course requirement.

In addition to the core courses, students must complete 2 GEO electives (at the 200-level or above).

Suggested sequence of courses

First Year
Fall (15) Spring (14)
 URI 101  GEO 210
 GEO 103  CHM 101, 102
 NRS 100MTH 131
EEC 105Gen Ed. elective
MTH 103/111 (if needed)  
Second Year
Fall (15) Spring (15)
 GEO 204GEO 320
MTH 132 PHY 111, 185
CHM 112, 114 STA 308
Gen Ed. elective Gen Ed. elective
Third Year
Fall (15) Spring (15)
GEO 370 GEO 450
BIO 101, 103 BIO 102, 104
PHY 111, 186 Supporting elective
Supporting elective Gen Ed. elective
Fourth Year
Fall (17) Spring (15)
GEO 483 GEO option/elective
GEO option/electiveSupporting elective
Supporting elective Gen. Ed. elective
Gen. Ed. Elective Free elective
Gen. Ed. Elective 

Semester of GEO option courses and electives may vary depending on the Geology option selected.

Number of free electives will vary depending on the supporting science and Geoscience electives selected and the number of credits for field camp.

Undergraduate Advisor

Teaching Professor, Undergraduate Advisor

Department of Geosciences