Minors in Geology & Geological Oceanography


We offer minors in Geosciences and in Geological Oceanography

To complete a minor you need to take at least 18 credits in an approved set of courses with no more than 6 credits at the 100-level.

We don’t have a set of required courses for either minor so you can propose a set of courses that interests you the most. All students considering a minor in Geosciences or Geological Oceanography should take GEO 103 – Understanding Earth as a foundation course, but the rest is up to you!

To get started, look through our course offerings to find courses that are of interest to you. Then make an appointment with Dr. Dawn Cardace or Dr. Brian Savage, our undergraduate advisors, to fill out a minor declaration form.

Here are some possible course combinations (click on GEO links to open a detailed course description):

Geosciences – Paleontology
GEO 103 – Understanding Earth4 credits (3 credits count toward the minor)
GEO 102 – Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs3 credits
GEO 272 – Evolution4 credits
GEO 450 – Intro to Sedimentary Geology4 credits
GEO 472 – Advanced Evolutionary Biologyor GEO 555 – Reconstructing Terrestrial Paleoenvironments4 credits
Geological Oceanography
GEO 103 – Understanding Earth 4 credits (3 credits count toward the minor)
GEO 110 – The Ocean Planet or OCG 123 – Oceans, Atmospheres, and Global change 3 credits
GEO 305 – Global Warming 4 credits
OCG 401 – General Oceanography or OCG 451 – Oceanographic Science 3 credits
GEO 465 – Introduction to Geophysics 3 credits
OCG 540 – Geological Oceanography 3 credits

QUESTIONS? Contact: Dr. Anne Veeger, Undergraduate Advisor, veeger@uri.edu, 874-2187

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