Option in Geological Oceanography

The B.S. in Geology and Geological Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island is obtained through a combination of:

  • General Education courses
  • Supporting Science courses
  • A core series of Geosciences courses; and
  • A series of Oceanography courses including a undergraduate research project.

Core Geoscience Courses

All Geosciences majors take a suite of courses that are basic to the Geosciences degree. These courses are:

  • GEO 103 – Understanding the Earth (4 credits)
  • GEO 204 – Evolution of Earth (4 credits)
  • GEO 210 – Landforms: Origin and Evolution (4 credits)
  • GEO 320 – Earth Materials (4 credits)
  • GEO 370 – Structure of the Earth (4 credits)
  • GEO 450 – Introduction to Sedimentary Geology (4 credits)
  • OCG 301 General Oceanography or OCG 451 Oceanographic Science
  • OCG 440 Geological Oceanography
  • Oceanography elective (400-level or above)
  • OCG 493/494 Geological Oceanography Research Project

Supporting Sciences

The B.S. in Geology & Geological Oceanography with an Option in Geological Oceanography requires 1 year each, of calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology, and a course in either computer science or statistics (totaling between 33-35 credits).

Undergraduate Research

All majors are encouraged to engage in undergraduate research with a Geoscience faculty member.  The exposure to cutting-edge Geoscience research engages students outside of the typical classroom setting, while also reinforces learned concepts.  All faculty members routinely take students for research during semester and the experience can be used as credit towards a majors degree.

General Education Courses

The general education course requirement is a University-wide policy designed to build a basic academic foundation for all undergraduates. A total of forty credits is required. A number of courses required for the Option in Geology satisfy the general education requirement.  More information can be obtained from URI Academic Advising.

Suggested sequence of Courses

Fall (15)Spring (14)
URI 101GEO 210
GEO 103CHM 101, 102
NRS 100MTH 131
EEC 105Gen. Ed. elective
MTH 103/111 (if needed) 
Fall (14)Spring (17)
GEO 204GEO 320
MTH 132PHY 111, 186
CHM 112, 114STA 308
Gen Ed. electiveGen Ed. elective
Fall (15)Spring (14-15)
GEO 370GEO 450
BIO 101, 103BIO 102, 104
PHY 112, 114OCG 440
Gen Ed. electiveSupporting elective
Fall (17)Spring (17)
OCG 4XXOCG 451**
OCG 493 / 494Gen. Ed. elective
Supporting electiveSupporting elective
Gen. Ed. electiveSupporting elective
Gen. Ed. elective 

**Students may elect OCG 451 (Spring course) in lieu of OCG 301.

Number of free electives will vary depending on the supporting science and Geoscience electives selected and the number of credits for field camp.

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