Past Conferences


“Beyond Disciplines: Understanding the World Around Us.”

Chairs: Catherine Winters and James Blair

Keynote: Dr. V. Michael Bove MIT Media Lab

Plenary: Dr. Judith Swift (University of Rhode Island)


“Trans(form): New Insights and New Directions”
Chairs: Jenna Guitar and Serap Hidir
Keynote: Dr. Paisley Currah (Professor of Poltitical Science & Women’s & Gender Studies at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY)
Plenaries: Dr. Paul Bueno de Mesquita (University of Rhode Island)


“Interconnections: Patterns, Pathways & Possibilities”
Chairs: Michael Becker and Mariyam Yusufov
Keynote: Dr. Jonathan Kramnick (Yale University: Maynard Mack Professor of English)
Plenaries: Dr. Patrick Logan (University of Rhode Island)


“Opening Spaces: Enabling Engagement with Complex Conversations”
Chair: Jenna Morton-Aiken
Keynote: Rev. Dr. L. Weldon Palmer (Senior Pastor of the Kingston Congregational Church, United Church of Christ)
Plenaries: Drs. Jose Amador and Libby Miles (University of Rhode Island)


“Talking Beyond Disciplines: Rising Tides and Sea Changes”
Chairs: Katelyn Burton and Jamie Remillard
Keynote: Dr. Sid Dobrin (University of Florida Research Foundation Professor in the Department of English)
Plenary: Dr. Caroline Gottschalk Druschke (University of Rhode Island)


“Innovations and Anxieties”
Chair: Bridget Heaney
Keynote: Dr. Colin Milburn (Associate Professor of English at University of California, Davis)
Plenary: Dr. Valerie Karno (University of Rhode Island)


“(Pre)Occupations: Working, Seizing, Dwelling”
Co-Chairs: Mike Becker and Kim Evelyn
Keynote: Dr. Timothy Brennan (Professor of English, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, and American Studies at The University of Minnesota)
Plenary: Dr. Martha Elena Rojas (University of Rhode Island)


“Carried Across: Translations, Temporalities, Trajectories”
Chair: Sara Murphy
Keynote: Dr. Rey Chow (Anne Firor Scott Professor of Literature in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University)
Plenary: Dr. Kathleen Davis (University of Rhode Island)


“Bodies in Motion”
Co-Chairs: Jenn Brandt and Stephen Marchand
Keynote: Dr. Stuart Pimm (Doris Duke Chair of Conservation Ecology at Duke University)


“Space, Place, and Imagination”
Chair: Laurie Carlson
Keynote: Mark Urman (U.S. Theatrical Head of THINKFilm)
Keynote: Deborah Davis (Author, Historian, & Veteran Film Executive)


“Identities: Individual, Cultural, National”
Chair: Claire Reynolds
Keynote: Anne Harleman (local author)

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