Overcoming Writing Anxiety

Many writers, including graduate students, face challenges with anxiety about writing. Although this experience is difficult, you can overcome writing anxiety. The URI Graduate Writing Center’s former Coordinator, Dr. Ashton Foley-Schramm, has insights and tips on completing your writing projects, anxiety notwithstanding. Review Dr. Foley-Schramm’s Overcoming Writing Anxiety – June 2020 presentation slides, or watch […]

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Writing Process Steps

Everyone has their own routine for their writing process. The important idea is to find a process that works for you! Here are five recommended steps to include in developing your own writing process and writing style: brainstorm, write, revise, edit, and publish. 1. Brainstorm. This step can also be referred to as “prewriting.” During […]

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Writing Styles

Your audience and writing purpose will determine your writing style. The four main types of writing styles are persuasive, narrative, expository, and descriptive.  In this blog post, we’ll briefly explore the defining features of these four writing styles. For more help using these writing styles, schedule an appointment at the GWC! Persuasive:  For this writing […]

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Becoming a Better Writer

Looking to improve your writing skills? Follow these helpful tips to assist you through your writing process. Take the time to brainstorm. Brainstorming is an undervalued, but important first step of the writing process. While you’re brainstorming, you should establish your audience, the focus of your paper, and your main argument. This will help direct […]

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