Presenting Your Poster

Creating a poster is one challenge, but presenting a poster is another. Below you’ll find some helpful tips in presenting an effective poster that will help to engage your audience and connect to the maximum number of people. Bring business cards. Poster presentations are great networking opportunities. If your poster strikes up a good conversation, […]

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Tips for Abstract Writing

Although the shortest section of a paper, writing an abstract if often considered the hardest section of a manuscript to write. Often limited by word length, writers must adequately and concisely summarize their research for broad audiences. Below you’ll find abstract writing tips. Some of these tips were adapted from the ASA, CSSA, SSSA 2013 […]

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GWC Tutor Publishes Article in Frontiers for Young Minds

What do you think when you hear the term “science communication?” Maybe you think of a science news column in the newspaper, a science-themed blog, or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Twitter account. Or, maybe you think of jargon-packed science journals and presentations at scientific conferences. But what about science communication toward kids?  Graduate Writing Center (GWC) […]

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How to Master the Art of Proposal Writing

Art of Proposal Writing3

How to Master the Art of Proposal Writing

Writing an effective grant proposal is one of the most important skills in ensuring a successful career in academia. The problem is, we are rarely given the appropriate writing training to craft clear and persuasive proposals that will ensure securing that grant or fellowship award. Additionally, it is hard to predict what reviewers expect writers to emphasize in their proposals. Do they expect emphasis on the research, the broader impacts, or the professional development of the researcher? 

The following article, written by Crustal Botham and Tanya Evans in the Career Column of Nature outlines key concepts that young academics should be honing in on when drafting up a fellowship proposals. Surprisingly the major advice that they present, is that rather than focusing on the research you want to get funded, you should put greater emphasis on your overall career goals and training. Check out the article to learn more about crafting that award-winning fellowship proposal.

Concise Writing: Tips and Tricks

Tips for writing concisely by Danielle Perry, GWC Tutor Writing concisely is an important aspect of scientific writing and a skill that takes practice to develop. Being concise can help you reach your audience more directly and effectively. The following post provides helpful tips from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center to achieve clear, concise, […]

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