About GSA

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a government body maintained by and for the graduate students of the University with the purpose of enhancing the academic, intellectual, and social opportunities of its members. Officers and members of the GSA Senate, elected annually from the entire graduate student body, distribute GSA funds to graduate students and other qualifying groups, organize social events, and serve as graduate student representatives on University-wide committees.

Every graduate student at URI donates to the funds of the GSA through the student activities fee. All GSA programs; events; activities; and decisions are managed by the GSA executive committee as mandated by the GSA Constitution. The executive board is composed of a president; vice-president; secretary; treasurer; and a representative at large, who acts as the webmaster for the GSA website. Each board member is responsible for the duties of their respective position. Each executive board member is elected on an annual basis by voting members of the senate. GSA senators attend monthly meetings with the executive board to discuss and vote on GSA policy decisions. Executive board members have no voting privileges. Any graduate student may sign up to be a GSA senator; for every 20 graduate students, a graduate department is entitled to one department senator. All GSA policy, constitution, and by-law decisions are made by the voting senators. All board members and senators are paid for their duties and contributions to the GSA.