1. How can I become a GSA member ?
Answer: All students enrolled in a full–time or part-time program leading to
a graduate degree at the University of Rhode Island are members of
the GSA. More information can be found in GSA Constitution.

2. Do I have to pay any fee (one-time/monthly/yearly) to become a GSA member ?
Answer: No. GSA membership is completely free.

3. What are the benefits of being an active GSA member ?
Answer: You can socialize with other fellow graduate student and build new connections and networks. You can also apply for different funding options ( see the Funding webpage for more information)

4. What are the difference between GSA and GAU ?
Answer: GSA stands for Graduate Student Association, and the all the current graduate student are automatically the member of GSA. On the other hand, GAU stands for Graduate Assisted United and you can join the GAU as a member if you are a Graduate Assistant. To become a GAU member you need apply for the GAU membership. Learn more about GAU at https://www.urigau.org/.