The RIGSC has a network server on the URI LAN that has been set up with four licenses for the Lasergene Genomics Suite by DNAStar.

Lasergene Genomics Suite 14 is a comprehensive DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis software suite comprised of 12 applications which include functions ranging from sequence assembly and SNP detection, to automated virtual cloning and primer design, to creating publication-quality illustrations of your genome.

To learn more about each application included in the Lasergene Genomics Suite, please see the following links:

  • SeqBuilder – sequence editing and annotation, automated virtual cloning, and primer design
  • SeqMan Pro – contig assembly and analysis, including SNP discovery, coverage evaluation, and project annotation
  • MegAlign – DNA and protein sequence alignments and analysis
  • MegAlign Pro – multiple sequence alignments using MUSCLE
  • GeneQuest – gene discovery and annotation
  • Protean 3D – exploring macromolecular structure, motion, and function
  • Protean – protein structure analysis and prediction
  • SeqNinja – advanced editing of genome sequences and annotations
  • GenVision – publication-quality illustrations
  • PrimerSelect – primer design
  • EditSeq – importing and editing unusual file types
  • Novafold – protien structure prediction

DNASTAR Navigator, a guide to all Lasergene applications, is also included.

In order to run Lasergene 14, the software must be loaded on your computer.  When the program is opened, the RIGSC license server is contacted to enable use.  When you have finished using this software, PLEASE remember to EXIT ALL applications to release the license and allow access by other users.

If you are new to Lasergene, be sure to utilize technical support at  They offer wide ranging support options including on-line help, videos, webinars and tutorials.

Lasergene Genomics Suite 
technical requirements: 
Windows XP, 7 or 8; 
Mac OS 10.6 or higher;
 1 GB RAM; 
400-520 MB of available hard-disk space; and >256 MB video card.

For instructions to download Lasergene, please contact the RIGSC manager at 874-5919 or