There is NO fee to use the NanoDrop 8000 for URI and RI-EPSCoR users.

The NanoDrop 8000 spectrophotometer is a full-spectrum (220-750 nm) instrument that accurately measures up to eight individual 1-2 µl samples simultaneously. The software allows the user to measure samples using either the full 8-position mode or a convenient single sample mode.

Applications: The small sample requirement and ease of use make the NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer ideally suited for measuring:

  • Nucleic acid concentration and purity of nucleic acid samples up to 3700 ng/µl (dsDNA) without dilution
  • Fluorescent dye labeling density of nucleic acid microarray samples
  • Purified protein analysis (A280 nm) up to 100 mg/ml (BSA)
  • Expanded spectrum measurement and quantification of fluorescent dye labeled proteins, conjugates, and metalloproteins
  • Bradford Assay analysis of protein
  • BCA Assay analysis of protein
  • Lowry Assay analysis of protein
  • Pierce Protein 660 nm analysis
  • Cell density measurements
  • General UV-Vis spectrophotometry
  • Custom methods

Sample Volume Requirements: A 1 µl sample volume is sufficient to ensure accurate and reproducible results when measuring aqueous nucleic acid samples. However, if you are unsure about the surface tension properties of your sample or your pipettor accuracy, a 1.5-2 µl sample is recommended to ensure that the liquid sample column is formed and the light path is completely covered by sample.

Measurement Concentration Ranges:

Sample Lower Detection Limit Upper Detection LImit
Nucleic acids 2.5 ng/µl 3,700 ng/µl (dsDNA)
3,000 ng/µl (RNA)
2,400 ng/µl (ssDNA)
Purified BSA 0.15 mg/ml 100 mg/ml
Protein Pierce Assay 50 µg/ml 2,000 µg/ml
MicroArray Fluorescent Dyes
(Cy3, Cy5, Alexa Fluors, etc.)
0.17 -0.50 pmol/µl 60 – 215 pmol/µl


User supplied consumables

  • Disposable pipette tips (1.0-10 µl) and pipettor
  • Deionized water or buffer for blanking the ND8000

Cleaning: The primary maintenance requirement of the NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer is to keep the measurement pedestal surfaces clean. Upon completion of each sample measurement, wipe the sample from the upper and lower pedestals to prevent sample carryover and avoid residue buildup. A final cleaning of all surfaces with deionized water is also recommended after the user’s last measurement.

  1. Apply 5 µl of dH20 onto each bottom pedestal. DO NOT use a squirt bottle!
  2. Lower the upper pedestal arm to form a liquid column; let it sit for approximately 2-3 minutes.
  3. Wipe away the water from each upper and lower pedestal with a clean lab wipe.

A Users Manual contains complete information on the operation of the NanoDrop 8000.

To make a reservation for the NanoDrop, please use the RIGSC Calendar. If you have any questions or problems, call the GSC manager at 874-5919.