2014: Cybersecurity and Privacy


September – December 2014
Edwards Auditorium, URI Kingston Campus

Our dependence on modern technology is not without its downsides. Cyber threats pose serious economic and national security challenges. Moreover, corporations and government agencies track our online activities, purchases, and even our location.


  • Harry Lewis Harry Lewis - Too Much Information?
  • James Bamford James Bamford - Everyone's a Target: How America Lost Control of the National Security Agency, and Can It Be Reined In?
  • Kim Zetter - Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon
  • Heidi Boghosian - Surveillance or Self Determination: Can Democracy and Diversity Co-Exist in the Age of Google, Comcast, and the NSA?
  • Gregory Conti - Slippery Slope of Doom: What Could Possibly Go Wrong with Our Instrumented World?
  • Roberta Stempfley - Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure
  • Cybercrime Panel - Moderated by Congressman James Langevin
  • Timothy Edgar - Achieving Security, Privacy and Internet Freedom in the Golden Age of Hacking, Cyberwar and Surveillance
  • Gary Warner - Malware Threat Intelligence
  • Julie Brill - Big Data, Data Brokers and the Business of Tracking
  • Julia Angwin - Is Privacy Becoming a Luxury Good?
  • Bruce Schneier - Surveillance and Power