The Fine Arts Living and Learning Community (LLC) is similar to the Humanities LLC as both are in the College of Arts and Sciences and provide first-year students with a living environment that promotes personal growth, academic success, and a smooth transition from high school to college. This LLC focuses on the following cornerstones:

  • Providing a safe and welcoming community among Fine Arts majors to give them a place to belong and grow
  • Cultivating connections among students and faculty who share a passion for creativity in art, design, music, music therapy, and theatre
  • Celebrating the joys of artistic pursuits for personal and academic enrichment
  • Offering programming that assures and inspires a diverse array of career options
  • Connecting with the Humanities LLC to explore shared interests and opportunities


Incoming first-year students admitted with majors in Art and Art History, Music or Theatre who request on-campus housing are automatically eligible for assignment to Peck Hall, the LLC residence hall.

Learn more about Living and Learning Community housing assignments.

Programming and Traditions

Here are just a few examples of past programs that have been offered:

  • Doughnuts and Departments
  • Clubs, Caramel, Cider: Introduction to related student organizations
  • Registration Is a Piece of Cake: Get help from faculty and advisors as you sign up for classes
  • Peer Study Groups and Peer Tutoring
  • Opportunities for field trips to museums, art galleries, and historical exhibits
  • Day trip to New York City
  • Meet the Performers: In-house performances

Staff and Contacts

Resident Academic Mentor (RAM)

Meli Susana

Major: Spanish and World Language Education

Class Year: 2026

Hometown: Providence, RI

Academic Partner

Alana Bibeau, Assistant Professor Sociology