M.S. in HDF - Couple and Family Therapy


Clinical training and experience begins in the first semester and continues throughout the program. Much of your training will take place in our on-site Couple and Family Therapy Clinic, which serves as a teaching, training and research facility that benefits both our students and the community.

Several supervision techniques are employed, including live supervision using a one-way mirror, telephone call-ins, and therapeutic teams. Recording of sessions is required, and our modern digital equipment employs robotic controls and split screen technology in a high definition format.

A one-year off-site practicum in couple and family therapy begins in the second year of studies. Supervised off-site placements (see Internships & Supervisors) are completed in a variety of settings across the state and provide more intensive training opportunities with children, adolescents and adults. 

Possible additional training settings include: hospitals, schools, residential facilities, crisis and home based family therapy services. Students are placed in internship settings in consultation with the program faculty, and the internship staff.

* Student’s must have their own transportation for on and off-site clinical placements