MKT 265: (BUS 365) Marketing Principles

Instructor: Cain,Alexandra P
An introduction to marketing from a managerial viewpoint. Examines social, economic, technological, legal, ethical, and other environmental factors and their impact on product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions in a worldwide market. (Lec. 3) Pre: Open to students with 24 credits or permission of dean’s office. Proficiency test available if course was taken at a non-AACSB program prior to transfer to the University.
3 crs.
Schedule: M-TH: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Start Date – End Date: 1/2/24-1/19/24
General education outcome: N/A
Course delivery: Online-Synchronous
Inclusive access fee: N/A
Additional fees: No additional fees.


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