Health Fitness Laboratory (IS190)

The Health Fitness Lab is a 1500 square foot laboratory space equipped with all of the exercise equipment you’d expect from a world class training facility in addition to various laboratory and field fitness testing equipment.  This versatile space is used by students to learn and learn how to teach exercise techniques, perform various fitness tests and to train members of the community taking part in various community outreach and research projects.

The major pieces of exercise equipment in the Health Fitness Laboratory Includes:

  • 2 Full Resistance Training Racks with free weights
  • 13 Cybex resistance training machines
  • Multi-weight dumbbell, kettle bell, and medicine ball sets
  • 12 Monark Cycle Ergometers
  • Stationary bike, recumbent bike, rowing ergometer and elliptical
  • Weight vests, resistance bands, plyometric boxes, weight sleds, physio balls, bosu balls and more.

Field-testing equipment in the Health Fitness Laboratory Includes:

  • Tendo Power Meters
  • Myotest Ballstic Testing System
  • Vertec vertical jump tester
  • Brower electronic timing gates for sprint speed
  • Sit & Reach boxes
  • Lange skin fold calipers for body composition & more.