Human Performance Laboratory (IS 226)

In the human performance laboratory students will use state of the art technology to perform a wide variety of physiological and human performance tests including ECG, metabolic, VO2 max, lactate, balance, strength, and muscle function testing.

The equipment in the Human Performance Laboratory Includes:

Metabolic Carts: 2 stationary Parvo Metabolic carts & a Jager portable metabolic cart are used for cardiopulmonary measurements of oxygen consumption, indirect calorimetLry and pulmonary function both in laboratory and field settings.

Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer: This testing system is designed to obtain clinical measurements of strength, identify muscular imbalances and track progression of function after injury. The Biodex is also adaptable to provide controlled exercises for all the large joints in the body.

12 Lead ECG: 2 GE ECG monitors are used diagnose and assess cardiovascular health and cardiac conditions.

Balance Tester: The Biosway balance system is a portable balance-testing unit used to assess and train balance, ID fall risk and track recovery from a concussion.

Wireless EMG & Inertial Motion Units: Tringo wireless EMG system is used to record muscle activity during exercise in order to provide biofeedback that can be used to improve exercise technique and prescription.

Near Infrared Spectrometer: The OxiplexTS near infrared spectrometer uses light pulses to measure blood flow and oxygen consumption of human muscles, tendon and nerves during exercise and rest.

Lactate Meters: 5 Lactate Plus blood lactate meters are used to measure blood lactate during and after exercise taken from a small finger or ear prick.

Physiology Teaching Kits: 5 iWorx physiology teaching kits are used to teach students basic cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and neuromuscular concepts using hands on lab exercises.

Other Equipment: Trackmaster treadmills (2), Wingate cycle ergometers (2), Corival power cycle, Polar heart rate monitors, teaching blood pressure cuffs, Gulick tape measures, stadiometers & scales & more.