Motion Analysis Laboratory

The motion analysis lab is a shared lab between URI’s kinesiology and physical therapy departments that is used to perform biomechanical analysis of various human movements in both patients and athletes.  Motion analysis is used to understand and improve complex motions such as standing, walking, running, jumping or throwing.

The equipment in the Motion Analysis Laboratory includes:

3D motion Capture System:  The SIMI reality motion systems uses 8 embedded cameras to take high speed video of movement that creates an interactive digital rendering of the movement and provide precise measurements of all joint motions performed.

Force Plate Integrated Treadmill:  The Bertec Corp split belt treadmill provides high quality measurements of the forces experienced by each leg during motion and can be integrated into the 3D motion capture system.  The belts can also be operated at different speeds to better understand how forces change with asymmetrical walking patterns.

Overhead Harness System:  The treadmill also equipped with a custom designed overhead harness system that supports individuals when balanced is challenged or those at high risk of falling.

Portable Force Plate:  The AccuPower force plate is a high impact portable force plate that can be used to measure force, power, jump height and balance both in and outside of the lab.