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Classical Studies


Outcome Statements for Classical Studies Majors

Students in this major study both Latin and Greek languages. At least 2 semesters of each language is required; most students study both languages for 4 semesters and one for six. When they complete the program, their specific abilities in Latin or Greek will therefore depend on how much of each they have studied.

  1. With 2 semesters, they will have a solid introduction to grammar and syntax, and will be able to read, with a dictionary, made-up Latin or Greek or real texts which have been simplified. After four semesters, they will be able to read real texts with the help of a commentary (eg., the Bryn Mawr Commentaries series) and a dictionary. With more than four semesters, they will be able to read any ancient Latin or Greek text with a dictionary. They will know at least two dialects of Greek (Attic and Homeric), and variants of Latin from the 3rd c. BCE to the 1st c. CE.
  2. Students will be familiar with the common meters of Latin and Greek poetry and will be able to read aloud accurately and fluently.
  3. Students will be familiar with several genres of Latin and Greek literature, both prose and poetry, (eg., epic, tragic and comic drama, lyric poetry, oratory, history, philosophy).
  4. Students will be familiar with the general social and historical contexts of the texts they have read.
  5. Students will be familiar with Roman and Greek myth, history, and art and architecture.

Curriculum Map for Classical Studies Majors

Classical Studies OHE Program Assessment Form (2009-2010)


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